Hi, this is Erica DelSignore, and I am the founder of Perfectly Legal Video, This is a video about me so that you can get to know me a little bit more and find out if I'm someone that you'd like to work with.

So first current day, I live in the Boston area and I have a beautiful five-year-old daughter and husband, who was a criminal attorney. I have a Golden Retriever and a little … man, a Scottish terrier. He's 15 right now as well as the horse that I ride all the time. I have a great life here, love to hike, love to hang out by the fire and go to my boot camp at the gym and pretty much just regular things.

But when I'm not doing that, I'm bringing my daughter around Boston to all of the things that there are to do for children and just really loving life. That's a little bit about me personally.

How I got into doing this business really started with my direct sales roles that I had in my 20s and my 30s as well. I don't want to get away how old I’m, but I've always been involved in direct sales. Making sales where you are face to face with somebody and making sales where you might pick up the phone, call them and get an appointment with them first. But it's a personal touch. It's not all about just sending someone an email or sending someone a text not really getting through to people who you are, you're just another person out there.

And so I really believe in the personal touch, and I really believe in that when you get together with somebody and they get to know and trust you, and they get to know that you are an expert in what you do, it is way easier to get those sales and close those deals.

I've owned a sales recruiting firm in the past. I did all of my interviews, face to face, really get the best clients doing it that way, get the best candidates doing it that way. It's gone right up through having a LinkedIn lead generation company where even though it was an email campaign through LinkedIn, the people got to know them. We made sure that their LinkedIn profile is perfect and had great videos about them on there. And so we always kept that in mind.

Today, I am helping attorneys specifically find their way in making their sales grow and grow through many different things, but mostly through having a website that has videos on it that shows them as a credible expert in their field and has a way for people to get to know like, and trust them.

Why? Let me tell you. When people come to an attorney for the first time, it might be that they got a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), which is a crime that probably almost anyone could get and not ever expect to be in handcuffs and brought to a station. They might be going through a divorce. That's probably something that they never thought would happen. They might have to go through bankruptcy, maybe somebody that's sick and the bills piled up and they couldn’t work. These things happen in life.

When my attorneys come to me and they want to make marketing videos, we are going to make sure that we think of how their prospects and clients are going to feel when they see that. We want to make sure that they are going to be the credible expert. We want them to be built up in that way. They want them to really shine, but we also want them to be down to earth person that someone's not going to be too embarrassed about their situation to pick up the phone and call them. So that's really the goal.

When you're talking to somebody, we make sure that you assure them, like; “hey, this is a great decision that you're making right now”. We're going to go over some options that you have. You may feel bad about yourself and you might feel that you shouldn't be too embarrassed about what happened, but that's not the case. You're not a bad person. Bad things happen to good people, situations come up and that's just life. Those are the types of things we want to reassure them of so that they make an appointment.

Now, as far as being in front of the camera, you can't see this right now, but I have five lights glaring at me right now. I've got a green screen behind me. It's not going to look like that when you see the video, but I'm standing here alone in my studio and I am shooting this video with lots of lights. It's different. People think that, well, you know what? I'm a trial attorney. It's going to be really easy for me and you might be very smooth in your speech, but sometimes it gets to be a little bit to try to adjust to being in a studio where it's all about you and we need to get results in a certain amount of time. So no matter how frustrated you might get with yourself, you may not have had time to put your scripts together. You might be tripping out over your words a little bit at first, but I assure you that goes away and I am going to be way more patient with you than you are with yourself and we are going to get the best results.

So if I think that you need to slow down in your speech, or maybe you have some strange tick that you don't realize that you have when you get in front of the camera, I'm gonna help you through that. I'm gonna make sure that you look as professional and as much of a professional at a down to earth as you possibly can. So that's what we do here.

There are some great things that we can do on your promises than you can come to Boston. I love people come to my studio, take them around Boston at the end, and really celebrate a great day making videos, but going to your location, I can bring an extra camera shooter with me and we're going to get some great B-roll of you working and talking to your clients. We're going to have your clients come in and do testimonials, and they too might be nervous in front of this, but we are going to just ask them for simple questions. Like;

  • What was your life like before you came to this law firm?
  • What was the problem that you had?
  • What did they do for you?
  • What is your life like now and would you recommend them?

And so then we can take all of those testimonials from those people and we could turn them into some really beautiful “why work with us” type of videos that are like a commercial where people might tear up a little bit or they might have a heartwarming moment, because we've filmed families coming in and giving testimonials for our clients, and people of all walks of life will come in and it's important to show that you work with everyone. Because if someone's watching your videos and they say, hey, that happened to me too, then that's going to be great. We will shape those testimonials to overcome the objections that a lot of your clients have before they hire you. We'll come up with a list of those too.

That’s the difference between working with another videographer and working with myself. We're looking at your upcoming marketing, we're looking at landing pages you might need videos for... we're looking at email campaigns, thanking people for coming into the office, process videos where if someone is coming into your office, you want to make them feel comfortable right upfront by telling them, hey, you're going to be coming into the office. We're so glad that we're going to meet. We're going to meet for an hour. We're going to talk about these three things, bring in these documents. But if you don't have those documents, don't worry about it, we can get them later. We can worry about that later… And this is what's going to happen? And you want to say where they park… whatever you want.

That's an example of one process video. You can have those set up throughout your whole process, so they know what to do when they go to court. They know how to fill out certain documents. They know who Susie is at the front desk, whatever it is, we can make sure that we make them feel comfortable throughout the whole process of working with you. Those are some of the things that we do. We really enjoy it and I hope that this video has given you a chance to get to know and trust me a little bit, just pick up the phone and find out what your options are, and working with me, putting your videos together for your website and for your other marketing.

When you come to us, we're gonna take those videos and we're gonna use in 10 different ways, including taking transcripts and turning them into books, blogs, white papers, and you can even grab the audio and make yourself a little podcast. There's just so many cool things that we can do with the video when we're done and make this really be an evergreen type of a service for you, where it's just gonna keep closing deals for you over and over again. So we'll look forward to doing that. Please do pick up the phone and call.

My name is Erica DelSignore. I am the founder of Perfect Legal Video and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Erica DelSignore began her sales career running a non-profit call center, raising funds for major organizations ranging from UNICEF to the Boston Museum of Science. Erica has sold into technical, data center, and telecom. She has created several companies over the past 10 years around sales including a sales recruiting company, a C-Level appointment setting company, and email campaigns She has won numerous Presidents Club awards while working in the corporate world. Recently, she wrote her first book "Daily Leads: 5 Sales & Marketing Secrets your Competitor DOESN'T Want you to Know"! You can be sure, what ever Erica has planned for the future, it has to do with finding creative ways to build businesses!