I was so excited to have the opportunity to help the business community in Providence on how to build business with Social Media Advertising.  I was a little nervous about being interviewed by such a highly esteemed news anchor and local celebrity (it's my 4th TV interview and the others have been with young hosts and hostesses of lifestyle shows).  He did throw in a question at the end that I did not expect so you can tell that I wasn't scripted on that one.  It was a great experience.

Here are the tips I gave the viewers of Channel 10:

  1. Use a wide variety of ads to test.  Some people use AB testing.  I like to call it A- Z testing.  I will use a few different pictures or videos for the add and mix and match them with 10 or more of the same headlines until there are no more options.  Then I run them in the add campaign for a few days and weed out the weak performers.  I am left with a bunch of winning ads that give me successful lead generation Social Media Ad Campaigns.
  2. Send all of your traffic to a landing page where you can collect your leads or sell your thing.  It is essential to have a landing page with just one option for your prospects.  You should make sure that there are no navigation options that lead to the rest of your website.  Keep them focused on the call to action that you have put in front of them.
  3. Test your audience.  On all of the social media platforms you can pick the audience you want including their age, sex, children, income bracket, and even what their interests are as far as sports, luxury items, vacations, art, business, and much more.  If one audience isn't performing, test another variation.