Seth Stutman of Mass Appeal interviews Erica DelSignore, Founder of Daily Lead Campaign. Live video streaming is sweeping the nation. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people going live on FaceBook but have you thought of how it can be used for business. There are special Software that will help you go live on hundreds of social media pages at the same time. I use “Switchboard Live” which used to be called “Joicaster”. You can go live on your friends or business associates pages as well if you ask their permission. Erica has a live interview series where she interviews experts from around the world and when she does, she goes live on both their page and hers with an offer from both for a free thing, that way both Erica and her Guest can get leads.

Here are some best practices on how you do it…

  1. Get personal. Your audience needs to get to know like and trust you. You may feel embarrassed to talk about things that you’ve overcome however your audience really appreciates it when you do. People love to learn from your mistakes and what’s better than a story someone overcoming adversity. Take them through the highs and the lows. Your audience will love you for it, believe me! 
  2. Pattern interrupt. People may be used to you doing a regular blog where you are teaching them in front of your green screen or in your office. You can catch them by surprise and grab their attention by doing something out of the ordinary. Erica will occasionally have her dogs with her during a video. She recently had her 4 year old daughter do a segment with her right before bed and by morning there were over 100 views. If your doing the same old thing all the time, try something different!
  3. Call To Action. If your getting all of that traffic through people viewing your videos, why not capitalize on it by adding a call to action. Erica has clients who are fantastic in front of the camera and some are adding a call to action. It is such a waste to be getting hundreds of views and not add at least your web address on the description so that they can see what you do. Are there occasions where you just go live… sure. Eighty percent of the time you should have a landing page with an offer where the audience can leave their information to get your free information. It’s the fastest way to build your list of interested prospects!