In this segment I was interviewed on "Western Mass Mid-day".  The segment is called "Don't leave money on the table, use video in your marketing!"  Here is a brief summary of my favorite topic covered in the interview.

Most people just upload their YouTube videos and just hope for traffic. If you do these 4 things you will drive significant organic traffic to your videos and your website:

  1. Add keywords to your title (don’t be too obvious LOL!) 
  2. Add clickable links on your videos that lead to your landing pages and website (I can show you how) 
  3. Add a link where they can sign up for your YouTube Channel (build that audience!)
  4. Add a link to a playlist on your channel so that they can keep watching if they find you engaging! (this helps increase “view time” and therefore your YouTube and Google Rankings) 
  5. Add a transcript. This will help with the search engines increasing your rankings! 
  6. Add Your Keywords to help with your rankings. 
  7. Make sure your video is marked “public”… I know this is kind of like me telling you to turn on the computer to use it but… we all make mistakes!