Is your LinkedIn Profile SELLING for you?

Most people set up a LinkedIn Profile when they start a job that requires it and they basically write a resume and go on to use their account as an on-line rolodex.  There is so much you can do to generate leads on LinkedIn and when you do... you want to have a Profile written in a way that will make them want to contact you!  Here are some tips to get you going:

How to Sell Yourself on your LInkedIn Profile. What you can do to turn your profile from an ordinary resume into a sales page that represents what your business does and how they can help your prospects.

  1. Make your LinkedIn Profile resemble your website in the kind of content that you provide.  Lay out the summary at least in a way that makes it easy to scan, don't use block paragraphes.  You can't use  Bold, Italics, colored letters, or highlighting.  You can Use All caps, symbols and checkmarks, and the right spacing to show them what you do.  You don't have to talk about yourself necessarily if you are a business owner, you can highlight what your business does.
  2. Add extra job titles to highlight other skills you may have or things that you've created.  If you have a blog, a book (make yourself an author), newsletter,  interview series, clubs that you created etc.  Don't feel bad if some of the information seems to repeat because when people scan, they may see something at one part of your profile that they missed earlier that sparks their attention
  3.  Put your contact information and your call to action with a landing page at the top of your summary section.  In any marketing, having a call to action is a must.  Most people don't think of their LinkedIn Profile as a marketing tool but they should if they want to get business using LinkedIn!
  4.  Add a professional picture.  Not a selfie taken at your desk or worse.  I've seen some funny ones.
  5.  Fill out as much as the profile as you can.  There are 28 possible sections and the more you do, the better the profile.  For instance, I rarely see the "project" sections filled out however you can describe what your did for a client from beginning to end.  Do this for several different types of projects and you will give viewers a great idea about what you do!

Bonus Tip:  You can put up to 5 videos, PDFs, slide shows, pictures, or links under the summary section and each job section.  It's a great way to make your LinkedIn Profile interactive.  I use all videos but I've seen people put logos for awards that they've received, pictures of themselves speaking or training, info-graphics describing what they do, and even invitations to upcoming events.