1. The newest update is Fred.  The update was aimed at sites that didn’t want to serve their readers useful content as much as make money off clicks.  90% of their keywords dropped in rankings.  They targeted sites that were low on content and heavy on ads.
  2. Focus on quality links.  Better to have a few great back links from related, trustworthy sources than tons of links from whoever is dishing them out.  ( scholarship example)
  3.  Because Mobile and tablets are 56% of the searches now, Mobile first indexing will probably launch early next year.  Get all of your properties optimized for mobile before it hits.  Here's what you can do to prepare:
    1. Use a responsive design or dynamic serving based on the user’s device.
    2. Google recommends you test the sites robots.txt to ensure that its bots can crawl the site.
    3. If you’ve only verified your desktop site in Search console, also add and verify your mobile version.
    4. If your ads block the user from your content on the smaller mobile screens, as of January 2017, google ranks them lower.

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