If you are starting a business, feedback is always important, especially if it's good feedback you could put on your website, it would help you incorporate testimonials into your marketing.

It's Erica DelSignore, the founder of Daily Lead Campaign.

Hi Erica


This is exciting. You could give me a good testimonial right now. This can be a testimonial.
I think you're fantastic. That's my testimonial and you’re the smartest guy on the news.
Oh, don't tell everyone else that works in the other room here. Let's get off to the regular topics. What's the first step to testimonial?
The first step about testimonials is its most important thing in your marketing and people don't realize it, but I can walk around saying how great I am. But if someone who's used me says that I'm great, then that's gonna go a hundred times further with other people that are considering buying my services. So it's really important. And the biggest mistake people make is not to ask for the testimonial. So you should ask early, right after, even before you've even done the work, it as early as you possibly can, because bad news travels twice as fast as good news. And so if you happen to have one mistake and things happen in business, it's gonna take 12 testimonials to bury that bad comment online. So collecting early, is like building up your bank account.
It's like a book, the back of a book, always full of quotes from people who read a book. There will be lot reasons to buy a book.

Exactly. And so the thing you really wanna do, and this is a little sneaky, but you're using this as a sales tool. So when somebody is giving you a testimonial, you should really have a list of objections that people might have in their mind when they're considering using your service. When you're talking to them, if you know that they might have been a little worried about one part of your service, and then they did your service and now it's phenomenal, they get great results. They should tell the story that way. So that other people that might have that going on in the back of their mind are going to now feeling great about you and be more likely to buy.

So how do you go, what you need for your marketing?

Well that, the best type of testimonial is the video testimonial, because I'm always talking about video. The best way to get those video testimonials is to throw a party for your clients - have a client appreciation night or afternoon. I was just shooting a law firm in Florida and they have 12 clients come in. It was awesome and the testimonials were fantastic and they offer them a great lunch and they gave them a goody bag when they left. And some those people traveled an hour or two to get there. One guy was in a wheelchair and he like drove into the bushes. And it was... it was a, yeah, we took buses to get there and it's crazy, but it was fantastic. Now they can use those videos in a lot of places.
Is that better? Not only because of first entry - we have more videos, but also because anything written, maybe you won't believe it, but a video you can't deny it.
Oh, absolutely. You can see their facial expressions and what they're saying, and some of the great uses that you could have for those video testimonials, obviously, is to use them on your website. I think you should have three testimonials at the bottom of every single page of your website. So when people are surfing around, they can really always have that in their face that people like what you're doing, you can also take all of those testimonials and put them together and have it playing in a loop in your waiting room if you have a waiting room or even on your website somewhere so that people are just constantly seeing all of the video testimonials that you have. And obviously, you can use them in other marketing as well. So you can take it really far. You can use testimonials in 10 different ways in your marketing, and it's definitely going to up your revenue if you do it the right way.
Where other ways you can use it, besides your website standard, but why do you even put it on your website, you put right in the front; Is that obnoxious to a hopeful?
It's never obnoxious. If someone else is saying nice things about you, It's never how obnoxious how I behave, I am so fantastic and blah, blah, blah.

Where do you actually put the testimonial?
I have a page for my testimonials, but then on my home page, underneath like the offering a free book and whatever underneath that, I have My Testimonial staggered underneath, so I have a picture of the person or the video, and then the text of what they're saying, not everyone's gonna watch the video. Some people like to read, some people like to watch, but if they're interested in your service, they are gonna be looking at those testimonials. That'll be one of the first things that they look at and they'll look at all of them.
It's kind of like the comment section or any website where you actually buy stuff. You also but the comment section.
Same Idea people say how good your stuff is. Erica is the best and helps your business with some testimonials.