Video can be used in so many ways to increase business but have you ever thought about how it can be used to help a good cause? Erica DelSignore was interviewed on Western Mass Mid-Day's Better Business show during Women's history month on this very topic!

  1. Have a compelling message. There are so many worthy causes out there with incredible stories. It doesn't matter how great your message is, if you aren't telling it in a way that people are willing to listen, then you will never achieve your goals for the non-profit. Make sure you are using the 5 senses to tell your story. One of the best exercises I've done to illustrate this point is to describe a fire using all of your senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, Feel). Use testimonials that describe before and after the non-profit got into their lives, use case studies, live stream interviews with experts.
  2. Call to action. Any marketing without a call to action is just a waste of time and money. Some examples of calls to actions for non-profit would to to sign a petition, attend a rally, donate to the cause, volunteer. Also Tell them to like, share and comment in your video and in the text describing your video. You can easily boost a post and increase views of your social media post with a small investment.
  3. Are you "selling" your message to the right audience. Did you know you can create a Customize Audience? You can pick an audience in your Social Media Campaigns based on gender, age, income brackets, and even on their personal interests such as sports or luxury vacations.
  4. Build a winning team of ads with my Ad multiplier Strategy. First you create 5 hot headlines and use each of them on one Ad or Video that you are using in your Social Media Ad campaigns. Weed the weak performers out and keep the strong. If you keep testing new headlines and ads in this manner you will continually build a winning team of ads to pull in people who want to respond to your call to action!