Hi! This is Erica DelSignore and I am the Founder of Perfect Legal Video. And as you probably know by now, if you’ve been looking our website or seeing us out there on Social Media, I am an Expert in Lead Generation and just using videos to help market yourself and get it out there on social media. The whole idea is go out there to build yourself some credibility, celebrity and some cash flow which is the most exciting part of it.

So people often ask me, what’s the best thing that you’ve ever done in marketing for your business. And besides making videos that help me close deals and help me stay in touch with my clients and provide great value and help them in advertising, there is one other thing that I can say that has been phenomenal. And I would say it was generating lead magnets. Now, I have three mini books that I use, that have just generated thousands and thousands of leads for me over the years. I used the books, here’s one right here, this is my latest one, on Video Marketing, it is the "7 Sizzling Secrets of Video Marketing Tactics” and this is how to boost your Credibility, Celebrity and Cash flow using video marketing on Social Media.

So this is a fantastic example, people can opt-in for this book, I can advertise, people get this book for free. I use this book as my business card, how impressive is that. I use this book to send to new clients, to send to new prospects, whenever I go to a sales appointment or finish a sales call or whatever it is, if people get this book then I instantly have credibility.

It’s a fantastic thing it doesn’t take me long to put this together and it has a lot value to people who get them. So I want you to think about that. We have a hurdle with most of the clients we had, and that is we do all the marketing for them.and when it comes to having a really juicy free give away, Lead Magnet is we call that. They don’t have it. And they stress out on how they’re gonna get it. I just want to take that hurdle for you.

If you are interested in getting a fantastic mini book made that you can use about 10 different ways of marketing and that’s why we just help you spread the word and increase your credibility and cash flow, please ask us about it. My name is Erica DelSignore and I am the Founder of Perfect Legal Video. I am looking forward to working with you on your next Lead Magnet.