Hi! This is Erica DelSignore and I am the Founder of Perfect Legal Video. And I would like to tell you today a little secret what is the best piece of video marketing that you can possibly have on your arsenal. It is the sizzle reel, the video sizzle reel.

So if you could show that people are having fun, learning a lot of things, giving new testimonials, shots of you giving out great information then you have what is the makings of a fantastic video sizzle reel. And add a little special music to it, you can put clips in a right order and you've got something, a fantastic piece that you’re gonna use not only on your website, you’re gonna use it, I think you should use it at the signature of your email. I think you should use it in your distribution where you’re telling people about events coming up on the way, this is what our event looks like last time that sort of thing.

So what we do in this service , we come out to your event for you, not only do we make sure that we make great clips out of your events but we are getting video testimonials and those are all gonna mixed to make a fantastic sizzle reel.

We also separate out those testimonials for you. And we’ll make sure that they are ready for your website and ready for you to add into whatever webinars that you might have coming up. So it’s all exciting stuff. So please if you have any more questions about how to make the best video marketing piece for your marketing arsenal, give us a call my name is Erica DelSignore, I am the Founder of Perfect Legal Video.