Hi, this is Erica DelSignore, and I'm the founder of Perfect Legal Video. And I wanna talk to you about the two most effective and revenue-generating types of videos that you could possibly have in your video marketing arsenal.

Number one is the commercial. The commercial that you're gonna show on TV, the commercial that you're gonna show on a longer version on your website or on your YouTube channel that might be three to four minutes. The commercial is like your sizzle reel. It's gonna show a little bit of you, you're gonna make some very valid points about the services that you make and why people need them, and you are going to have pieces of your happy clients giving you testimonials on there. And depending on the length, and we can take all of the footage and make several different lengths, we're gonna have different things in there, but they're always going to be the salient points that are going to make you the most money.

The second type is testimonials. Now testimonials are people just saying great things about your work, and usually when we are interviewing people for testimonials, we talk about, "Hey, what was it that brought you in here? What did they do for you? What is your life like now? And would you recommend them?" And with those four questions, we can get the whole story. All of what you've done for them, encompassed in that testimonial. And it's just incredible when you have a whole bunch of those on your website, mixed into your commercial. You can use them a lot of different ways. And then the other thing I love to do is tie them all together so that you have a loop of those playing in your waiting room. And so that's something that you could think about, as well.

Now why am I talking about these two? Because we have a less expensive video day available, where we are just there to do those two very most important types of videos for you. And so if you are interested in bringing a lot more revenue into your firm, and having these videos that are going to help make you money for many years to come, then I think that you should pick up the phone and call me today, and we will talk about how we can get out there and make you those very special videos that are gonna work magic for your business.

My name is Erica DelSignore, and I am the owner of Perfect Legal Video. I look forward to talking to you soon, have a great day.