"My name is Attorney Robert Geller, I am a consumer bankruptcy attorney and I have owned my practice in the Tampa Bay Area for 26 years. I interviewed two other video companies besides Erica’s to do the work. I selected Erica for two reasons, number one, I thought she would do a fantastic job, I thought she would give us personal attention to our law firm in doing these videos, and she video marketing course to help prepare us. We’ve been working for 13 hours and during the day not only did we shoot 35 marketing videos for the firm but 12 of our clients came in to shoot testimonial videos. Erica has done a terrific job coaching me on my ability to deliver the content for the videos. She’s been extremely helpful and patient throughout this whole process. Erica is going to help us use our videos in our marketing 10 different ways. I would highly recommend Erica and the Perfect Legal Video for any Law Firm or business that needs to use video in their marketing."

Robert M. Geller - President of Robert Geller Law Firm

"I’m Tim Kelly founder of Kelly Law Offices and I’ve recently had a very wonderful experience working with Erica at Perfect Legal Video in the preparation of some videos and testimonials to be added to our website. She’s very easy to work with, she’s very cooperative, she works very hard, and we’ve been very pleased with our experience. I would recommend Erica if your are looking to do video of any type, whether it’s for your website or any other purpose!Thank you!"

Tim Kelly - Founder of Tim Kelly Law Offices

"Hi! My name is John Razumich with the law firm of Razumich and Delamater from Indianapolis. I initially met Erica back in May at a business seminar that we were both at. She indicated to me that  she run a videography company and explained to me the value and utility of videos in your law practice. 

I was very excited to work with her because she explained her program in a very coherent way. No one in my market was using video so I was very excited about the possibility of figuring out how we could use these. We’re going to use them in multiple ways, we have several videos that are designed just for landing pages to help drive traffic there. We have a series of FAQ videos that we are going to use for the purposes of helping people to educate people who are interested to find out about the law.

We’re going to take those scripts and we’re going to turn them into regular blog posts  to help us on our normal page count. The final thing that we are going to be able to do with it is because these videos are already done. They already have it in scripts form, we are going to go ahead and turn into a book that we’ll start handling out to clients as well.  So there’s an awful a lot that can be done at them and we’re even possibly just because you want to use every single part of it, we might even turn these into podcasts for people who listen to it on the go. There’s no end to the number of things that you can do with these videos and I do appreciate meeting Erica.

I do appreciate her taking the time out of her schedule to work with us to make that this process is as smooth and painless as possible could have done and I have no hesitations recommending to anybody that they consult with her for the purposes of any type of video advertising they are looking at."

John Razumich Criminal Defense Litigator at Razumich and Delamater Law Firm

"I’m Joe Bombagetti and I am an attorney at Kelly Law Firm. I wanted to give some feed back on Erica and the job she does for you. She comes out here, works with you all day to make sure the product is the best it can be. She guides you through the process and gives you creative license while she reins you back in if it’s not the best performance. She really wants quality, you can see that in her work. It fits in to your day pretty well because she’s at your office, you can still help any unannounced clients or put out any fires at work and get right back to the videos. It’s not as burdensome as you would think. I would definitely recommend her again."

Joseph Bombagetti - Partner at Tim Kelly Law Offices

"Hi! My name is Andrew Driggs and I'm the owner of Driggs Immigration Law Firm located in Long Beach California. I’ve just spent a day shooting videos with Erica and her team at Perfect Legal Video. If you're nervous about doing videos because you're not an actor, if you’re not sure what to say or what to do with a video once you take them this experience has been great.
Erica knows what to do and it has great suggestions and I'm actually very very happy with my experience today. I would suggest that anyone who's interested in marketing their firm through videos then contact Erica and her team at Perfect Legal Video. Thank you"

Andrew Driggs - Owner of Driggs Immigratoin Law Firm

"I’m Michael at Kelly Law Firm and today, all day, We’ve been working with Erica at Perfect Legal Video, making videos. She’s been very helpful is telling us what works, what doesn’t work, telling us what to do, what not to do, she’s going to now help us optimize these videos, edit them, make them look good, make us look better than we are. I have total confidence in her, she’s great to work with, very hard working, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to add video blogs or videos to their landing pages on their website."

Michael Massucci - Partner at Tim Kelly Law Offices

"Hi! My name is Julie Gaudreau. I'm a Criminal Defense Attorney in the Boston area. I had the pleasure of working with Erica DelSignore on some marketing videos. And I can say she's extremely easy to work with, extremely patient and made me feel very comfortable. We use these videos to get new business all the time through YouTube. We use social media ads and blogs and it's made a difference. These videos are extremely important and I cannot say enough about how comfortable Erica made me. Thank you."

Julie Gaudreau - Criminal Defense Attorney at DelSignore Defense Law Firm

"My name is Joe Delamater with the law firm of Razumich and Delamater and we brought on Erica to help us with our videos and it's been a great experience so far. First coming into it, I wasn’t positive what to expect and I certainly had some concerns. I brought all those up to her attention and she addressed every concern and answered all of my questions. And even as little things came up throughout the day that presented problems they were immediately fixed and so while a day of filming can be long and hard, she made it as easy as I think it's possible and I certainly I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anybody else."

Joe Delamater - Criminal Defense Litigator at Razumich and Delamater Law Firm

"This is Beth Brown, Attorney at Kelly Law Firm. Erica was great to work with… she helped us get our scripts ready for all of the videos we had topics for and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She had us work with our body language and the word choices that we wanted in our videos. I would absolutely reccommed her!"

Beth Brown - Partner at Tim Kelly Law Offices

"Hello, my name is Allen Murphy of Gillespie & Murphy. I wanted to tell you a little about a little about an experience I've had today doing videos for my website, Facebook, and other marketing purposes. I've never done this type of videos before and I didn't have any clue what to do.

But guess what? I attended a seminar and Phoenix Arizona a few months ago, and I run into Erica. Somebody said she did videos. Who knew? But she does. I talk to an attorney there who did some videos with her. He's in Tampa. I won’t mention his name. He might be a competitor, probably not, really. But anyway, I talk to him and he said she was good to work with. She took the time. She was patient, and I knew I needed patience more than anything else. So Erica showed up today with her cohort. They’ve videoed, and they done B roles. They've done the testimonials. They've done attorney videos, they’ve done every video they asked and actually added a few. How can I ask for more? So right now, I'm satisfied, I would recommend Erica for anybody that maybe wanted to do videos for their website or otherwise."

Allen Murphy - Bankruptcy Attorney and Founder of Gillespie & Murphy LLP

"My name is Eric Kornblum. I'm the owner of the law office of Eric Kornblum, I'm a bankruptcy attorney in Westfield, Massachusetts, and I spent the day working with Erica from Perfect Legal Video. She's been shooting videos for my business for use on my website, for my YouTube page, for so many different things. We've spent about 12-13 hours shooting video, and I can't say enough about Erica and Erica's team and how professional they were; how comfortable they made me feel, how she helped tune-me up because I wasn't the most prepared and her thoughts and suggestions have really improved my ability to promote my business. I strongly suggest that if you have any thoughts about using video more in business, then you contact Erica and see what ideas she has for you to help you bring your business to the next level"

Eric Kornblum - Founder Bankruptcy Attorney and Founder of the Law office of Eric Kornblum

"My name is Lindsey Parker. I am an attorney based in New Bern, North Carolina with Gillespie and Murphy Attorneys. Erica helped us out with some testimonial videos and some other marketing strategies, and she was fantastic. She really made the process easy even when that we are not camera people who are not good at being in front of the camera, she made the process fluid so that we could get it done in one day. And it was great. Thank Erica."

Lindsay Parker - Bankruptcy Attorney of Gillespie & Murphy LLP

"My name is Jonathan Friesn, and I've just been working with Erica to produce videos for our marketing. It has been an excellent experience. I have been quite impressed with the professionalism of Erica and her staff. I have to admit, I was quite unprepared for how extensive their videos would be and how extensive their expertise in preparing these videos. And I wish I would have taken some more time to practice and put material together to do a better job for them. But I think you will find the great experience working with Erica."

Jonathan Friesn - Bankruptcy Attorney of Gillespie & Murphy LLP

"My name is Patrick Riley, I'm an attorney of Gillespie & Murphy. We were amazed at how smooth a process with and how the staff did a great job at helping prepare us and our clients. We would highly recommend them for any future video that you may need."

Patrick Riley - Bankruptcy Attorney of Gillespie & Murphy LLP