Hi, this is Erica DelSignore, and I am the founder of Perfect Legal Video. And today I wanna talk about our “why work with US commercials”. They can be used on TV. We can also cut them into 30, 60, 90-second spots, whatever you need, but we can also use them as 3-4 minutes longer versions that you would use in other marketing like on your website, or maybe on your YouTube channel.

What these videos are is that we're known for making very beautiful, emotional, and educational “why work with us” videos. The biggest purpose I think that this commercial has, whether you're using it on TV, or whether you're using it on your website or for your other social media marketing, is that it's going to evoke an emotion and it's going to overcome objections like magic for you.

A lot of that has to do with the scripting. So we do want to talk about you and make you a real person and talk about how you started working in your practice and how you started your own business, maybe. We want to talk about what types of law, what types of situations that you help out with, because you might be helping out with a particular type of law, and there's a lot of ways you can break that down for people and figure out who are you working with, and what types of situations are you helping.

The idea here, and the same thing with the testimonials that we mix in, because when we come to you to do this, we will have a testimonial day and we'll have all of your clients come in and your people probably from all walks of life in different situations, different colors, different ages, different educational backgrounds, everything, and all of these things are going to serve as a dog whistle to that one person that may really need your services, may like what you had to say, you might be incredible, but this one thing that they heard really resonated with them. Now they're going to pick up the phone and call and they're going to hire you without a doubt.

And so that's really important. As I mentioned, these testimonials are going to be mixed in with people actually seeing your clients talk about you, but also, we'll use some of their voices to say what you're doing over shots of you, working with your staff, working with your clients, working in court, just working at your desk, whatever it is, we are going to make sure that they see you working hard and that this is your expertise, and it's something that you do every day. It's not just you standing up shooting a commercial and not really knowing what you're doing and not handling all those cases.

We'll also have stats on how many cases you do help out with… or if its bankruptcy, how much money have you helped people take off the books, that sort of thing. And then we really want to overcome the objections to hiring you...  why wouldn't people hire you? We want to put that in a lot of times, it's as simple as them feeling bad about themselves or feeling embarrassed about what they're going through. You want to make sure that that's not going to keep them from coming in to your office.

So you'll say something like, “just because you're filing for bankruptcy, it doesn't make you a bad person. Or because you're going through a divorce, it doesn’t make you a bad person. This happens to over half of Americans now. And so those are the types of things that you want to make it apparent to them, that you are not going to judge them when they come in and your staff is not going to judge them…  You come right out and say that, and that could make a big difference. And so in the end, there's gonna be a few details in there, but we want them to see the whole picture and we want them to see the final destination.

So that final destination is a happier life for them and their family. More time getting their money back, whatever it is, that final destination is gonna be apparent, and they're going to feel really great about you after they've seen you hard at work and working with your clients and interacting with your staff, and we make sure that those are great.


We have several examples of these “Why work with us videos” on our website. So please check them out, please enjoy them. And definitely, please call us and find out what your options are. My name is Erica DelSignore, and I am the founder of Perfect Legal Video.