Hi! This is Erica DelSignore, I’m the Founder of Perfect Legal Video and I’d love to talk to you about our You Tube Make Over Service. This sounds exciting, I know. Most of people that have a business have thought enough to start putting their video on You Tube but maybe they haven’t but that’s okay too because only 9% of all business owners are using You Tube in their marketing.

Well, if you have put your videos up just to that you could put them on your website or send them to people, that’s a great for a start but there is so much more that you can do with You Tube and making over your channel. So you may not know this but you can actually optimize those videos where you can use clickable links that is something that we do for our clients every day, we optimize all the videos and we make sure that they are pointing towards a landing page and has a Call to Action whether it’s signing up for your new book, or whether it’s an event or webinar that you have, you can have links that go to those in the video itself so that’s one thing.

Another thing would be to put your videos in different Playlist. Now, we can take the same videos and we can mix and match them and we can have different themes on your website. But the nice thing about once we’ve optimized your videos, put them into different playlist, is that once somebody is watching your video they’re either signing up for your call to action or they’re watching the next video the way we set it up. So it’s very exciting too because the nice side effect to that is the more watch time you have on You Tube, because You Tube is connected to Google. Google bought You Tube and so what happens is,  the more watch time the higher you go on the rankings on both the You Tube searches and Google. And those are the first and the second largest search engines out there.

So if you’re looking for a way to take your videos and put them to the next level so that they actually do something and that they actually bring you leads then that is something that you should talk to us about because we are experts at it and we do for our clients every day. This has been Erica DelSignore from Perfect Legal Video. I’m the Founder and I would love to help you make those videos work. Have a great day!